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We are 2d Animation specialists who have created thousands of 2d Animations throughout the UK.

With creators based throughout the UK we can offer competitive prices and in July 2024 are able to get costs to you very quickly.

2D animation is used in thousands of different products and services all across the world, from major 2D animated films to small advertisements or website graphics.

If you are interested in our high-quality 2D animation studio or want to find the best 2D animation services for your particular needs in Swansea, here is a breakdown of what to look for and what limitations to expect.

Why Choose Us?

Working with a trustworthy and experienced 2D animation company in July 2024 in Swansea is crucial for creating the highest quality video, that is why we are here to help you.

We offer a number of great 2d animation services around Swansea and are more than happy in assisting you on anything you want to find out more on.

With our years of experience helping many different customers across the UK, we have managed to compile a large stack of positive feedback, you can continue reading this page to view a couple of the amazing 5-star reviews.

We have pulled off some of the most amazing 2D animation productions on a budget, and we will continue to assist you in creating top-quality work with the lowest prices!

What is 2D Animation?

2-dimensional amination is typically the art of creating movement from a hand-drawn, frame-by-frame illustration in a two-dimensional space.

What is 2D Animation_

The 2D animation process consists of:

  • Creating animations with animated characters
  • Pre-production and post-production process within computer software
  • Background music and backdrops
  • Visual effects

The list goes on! Mastering the animation technique is not an easy skill for everyone, therefore, we believe that working with our team in Swansea will assure you of the greatest final animation outcome as we have an incredibly long line of experience behind us and know what it takes to be the best.

2D Animation Costs

The pricing of 2D animation will vary depending on the service you require.

It is not the cheapest service you will find, however, 2D animation is cheaper than 3D!

The average price you will find for a custom animation video for one minute can range between £2,000 to £20,000.

For an hourly rate, you should be looking at paying around £15 to £60 an hour, depending on the level of experience and work ranking.

Benefits of 2D Animation

There are numerous benefits that you can experience with 2D animation, here are some to mention:

  • More cost-effective than 3D.
  • Adaptable and easily updated.
  • Quick to produce.
  • Enjoyable to watch.

Finding a 2D Animation Video Production Company

The most common form of 2D animation you will see is an animated video, which can range from a small project to an entire creative effort.

Most 2D animation studios in Swansea will generally focus on 2D video production through computer-generated animation since the market is big and animated videos can be used by nearly any client that wants to hire them.

A video production company can be incredibly useful, but finding a good 2D animation production company can take some extra care if you are unsure where to start.


One of the quickest ways to find animation studios under certain criteria is to just search for them online.

Searching is an easy way to get an idea of which companies exist in your local area and can usually lead you to digital portfolios or online sites that show off their teams of talented and creative video animators.

Always put searches first since this skips a lot of unnecessary hassle. A good search with the right search terms can bring you to an animation studio in your local area, such as Swansea, that is open to being hired.

If you want animated videos as a marketing project from a London-based studio, then you should reflect that in the search terms that you use. “London marketing animated video production company” could work, but that is just a baseline – you should refine and tailor your search to what you are looking for as the web is a large place.

Social Media

Social media is full of independent 2D animators, usually owning their own pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter, making it an invaluable place to hunt for studios that are willing to make 2D animations.

Social media also means that you get to see what the brand can create and show off to the public. Some brands might make posts about their team, publicly announce each project they finish for clients or even put outposts asking for people to hire them.

With social media being so up-to-date, this makes it a lot easier to see their current status and the level of quality behind the things a 2D animator will create.

The other benefit of social media is that it is quick, meaning that any company can get attention from another at any time without needing a professional connection.

You can send a quick message to an award-winning 2D animation company in Swansea straight through social media channels, and a reply can come just as quickly thanks to the computer software and mobile apps they use.

Business Listings

There are plenty of sites on the web that are based around listing businesses and companies in a certain niche.

Using these sites can be incredibly efficient: they let you see every 2D animation company that has been added to the list at once and might even give you web links to their sites or contact pages.

You can visit these sites in any web browser, and they are simple enough to not need any other web software or applications to use properly.

If you would like to receive even more information on 2d animation services in Swansea, make sure you get in touch with us today!

Choosing 2D Animation Services

Whether you would like character animation, production process help, all-around computer animation, or sound effects and visual effects, the most important part of 2D animation development is finding a team that can create it properly.

5 factors that you should consider when choosing a 2d animator!

In the age of digital animation, it is easier than ever to find a team that will create what you are looking for, but choosing that team can still be tricky at first.


Almost every video production studio will have a portfolio online, and that includes 2D animation studios. This gives them an easy way to show off their own work, but it can also double as a great sales pitch if you are trying to decide which video production team to work with.

The content of these portfolios can change depending on the kind of video production company you are looking at.

Some will be mostly focused on games and some entertainment software, while others will be more geared towards digital marketing.

Usually, going for a company in Swansea that has worked in your niche before can help, although a lot of these animations teams are flexible when it comes to the project they work on.

Portfolios might also contain information about the briefing given for a project, the way it was received, or even which specific team was involved in creating it. This might give you an idea of which key animator does their best work and how you can narrow down the projects, they will be best at.


2D animation is constantly benefiting from the development of new animation technology, and that means that one agency in Swansea might be more advanced than another.

Excellent quality 2D animation does not always need the best software, though, and it depends on how creative your marketing material actually is. Sometimes, paying more for higher-tier equipment will not actually change the resulting animation much.

For example, a small animation used for meetings in a professional setting won’t really need a highly-creative agency with all of the latest film-level technology since development on the animation is more about creating a clear point than trying to look enticing.

On the other hand, a major marketing project that is meant to appeal to the London public will usually need the best gear possible.

Some companies use ideas like flipbook-style hand-drawn animation to stand out in the industry, making their company’s 2d animation more unique and creative while also saving on video production costs.

Animation Style

Animation is not just as simple as making pictures move. The style of motion and the way that the animators add personal touches to a project can all feed into how the end product looks, and that means that they will have their own styles that they work best with.

For example, asking a 2D animation production team in Swansea to create something with 3D animation tools would not be easy for them, and animation styles can be just as tricky.

One team might have a very professional and flat style that is best for formal presentations, while another team is better for fast, fluid, and snappy mobile ads.

Video game mobile ad animations have very different design requirements from an explainer video aimed at workplace safety, so an agency in Swansea that works with one more than the other can bleed styles together in ways that you might not have expected. This is not bad, but it is something to keep in mind.

Basically, choose a style that you think will work with what you are trying to create. Techniques from full animated films do not always work on short ads for mobile games, but that does not mean that they can’t – you just need to be sure that it will all fit together well.

Transparency and Accuracy

2D animation is always hard, and video production as a whole can be tricky. A video production agency in Swansea usually tries to keep clients happy with the videos or animation sequences that they produce, but they might also want to be creative with what they have been given. On the other hand, a different 2D animation agency might want you to be direct and firm with your needs.

For example, if your brand has an established set of marketing material that can be turned into an animation, then the animation team manager might just ask you for some ideas and promise that they can fit it all together. However, brands with no major digital marketing presence will need to tell the team manager what their focus is.

There is nothing bad with a creative team, but a creative team still needs to keep the projects accurate. You are their customer, so you should be able to get in touch regularly and see how the project is going. If development is veering off in a direction that does not suit your marketing needs, you should be able to tell them that and offer ideas to re-focus the animation videos they are creating.

Proper communication software is vital here. In the animation industry, it is hard for a small group of animators to know exactly what you want, and you can’t always act as a director for them unless you have animation experience yourself. Keep in contact with the company and tell them if they start being “too creative” with what they are offering.


Sound is something that many people overlook when it comes to 2D animation, and a 2D animation sequence without good sound can seem far worse than it really is. Sound is a key part of the design process, but not all 2D animation agencies are going to be sound experts.

For example, your marketing materials and explainer video clips might contain voiceovers, or your mobile ads for video games might need proper sound effects. Often, you will have to provide these yourself, usually before development on the animation project even starts.

Remember that every 2D animation you get for marketing purposes comes from a studio that sees you as one of their clients. They need to know what their clients want, so that usually means giving them a script or outline. If there are key visuals you want to match with the sounds you have in mind, then make sure to include that in the plan.

Why Use 2D Animation over 3D Animation?

2D animation services and video production companies in Swansea are a great place to get a team of talented, creative artists that can produce excellent 2D animations. While 3D animation can sometimes seem more impressive, both types of video animation are very useful, and they each have their own flaws. For most companies, though, 2D animations are simply more sustainable for most marketing projects.


A 2D animation company can still need a fairly good budget to make great 2D animation, but far, far less than a 3D animation would cost. 2D animation is generally done in a way that makes it easy to re-use assets.

3D animation is a lot harder to keep cheap since it can take a team of people to even create and rig the models needed for the video animation.

The animation company can’t just sketch out something new – they have to model it, rig it, and make sure that it works in a 3D space.


2D animation is almost always faster than 3D animation.

When your focus is on speed rather than cost, pumping out marketing videos is much easier with 2D animation.

Just like video games, 2D is often cheaper and quicker since there is only a single ‘layer’, and the entire thing can be done by a single person with one skillset.

For companies that are marketing games or other products that have existing 3D models, this problem can be partially solved, but 3D animation still needs plenty of unique assets and visual art that takes time to produce.


While good 3D animation is unbeatable in terms of quality, it is much more likely that a chosen animation video production studio will end up creating something with quality issues.

Since 2D animation is easier to make anyway, visual errors or mismatched art is not as much of a problem. Even if the 2D animation is quick and cheap, it is hard to make 2D animation look truly bad if you are aiming for something simple.


It is a lot easier to find 2D animation teams in Swansea simply because it is an easier field to get into – it usually only takes art skills and the right technology for animators to make that art move. This keeps the cost down, but it also means that there are more and more unique animation team options appearing every year.

The constant flow of professional 2D animation services ensures that you will always find one that can help you, no matter what kind of animation you are looking for.

It also makes it a lot easier to find a team in your local area if you are specifically aiming to create a local marketing campaign.

How Can I Use 2D Animation Services?

2D animation development and design give United Kingdom companies plenty of options with how they market their products or services, both in a fully-digital or television-based medium.

However, whether you act as a director or just hire a studio to create their own material from your assets, there are multiple ways that a company manager can decide to approach a 2D animation project.

2D Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are essentially anything that goes to a customer to explain something.

This is not always a marketing tool – it can be a quick way to create safety videos without setting up a real filming space or can take on more niche uses, like animations used to direct plane passengers to emergency exits and the controls near their seats.

Explainer videos like this are an excellent option for a variety of uses and ideas and often do not need to be complicated, so they are quick and do not cost much. The 2D animation they use is generally limited, but this keeps information clear and makes the videos easy to digest.

2D Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a very simple form of animation. The name explains it all: they are 2D animation that focuses more on text and graphics in a presentation style, something that is often used to spice up existing presentations and documents before they go public-facing. This makes them a great, cheap, and often a very aesthetically-appealing choice of 2D animation.

While they are usually the most limited of all 2D animation types, motion graphics can fill certain niches extremely well.

A lot of companies in Swansea rely on digital motion graphics as a core part of their marketing and brand identity since motion graphics can be made from almost any images.

The hardest part of making motion graphics work is keeping the art style consistent since most motion graphics are built off of stock images or easily-made vectors. Depending on where you get the images from, it is possible for motion graphics to look mismatched unless they are altered by the 2D animation team.

2D Promo Video

A 2D promo video can be a great way to simplify a promo while also keeping the important parts visible. For example, if you were showing off the functions of a new tablet, using 2D animation over the footage of the tablet in action could be a great way to keep both customers, and potential investors focused on the product itself.

The focus of a promo video is to promote something, and that focus can be easier to handle when the 2D animation is specifically designed around real-life footage. It can also be used as a proof-of-concept promo: for example, you could animate a product and show off its solutions without actually having a physical prototype ready.

At 2d Animation, we can assist you on the best specifications, costs and prices. Make sure you contact our team in Swansea today for a number of great 2d animation services.

What Else Should I Consider?

2D animation (and video production in general) can be tricky. Video production is already hard, and while 2D animation can make it a little easier, that does not remove the issues of having video development, creative focus, design tweaks, and actually producing the full piece of animation media.

Every animation project has something specific to focus on and trying to focus on what these projects demand can seem hard at first. However, there are some key things to consider when you are planning out an animation based on your own brand.

Number of Videos

Videos are not always a one-time project, especially when it comes to marketing. Successful marketing can make that series of animations become synonymous with your company and might even lead to some of the clips going viral. Of course, that only means that you will want to push out more – which is not easy if you are no longer clients with that animation company.

Stay on good terms with the digital design and animation teams, and try to plan out the content you want to make. The more complex your animations are, the harder it can be for a new team to replicate the video production style and art design of your previous animation company.

Full Length

Do you want your completed video production to be ten minutes of motion graphics or just ten seconds?

Does your company need an ad to be fully animated, or can you get away with some static screens to cut costs down?

Are you willing to edit your own material into the animation, or would you prefer to leave the project as-is?

A lot of this matters when you are trying to design a clip for marketing purposes.

Development Cost

Video production and development might not be costly at first, but how long do you actually need the team to work on your videos? More importantly, do they need any digital tools that they do not already own? All of this could add to the video production costs.


If you are in the United Kingdom, you might want to use a video production team in Swansea, United Kingdom. While this is not always that important, it can sometimes be vital if you are trying to make an ad that is very specific to the United Kingdom.

When you are targeting a particular group of customers in London, for example, then a London-accented voiceover that speaks clear English can be desirable.


Are you going to be the director of the projects, or will you leave that to the team manager? Sometimes it helps to be hands-on with the design, especially if your company needs something very specific.

On the other hand, if you know nothing about video production, it might be bad to start interfering with the design process once the group already knows where they should focus their attention.


The focus of your videos is important. For example, if you want to focus your videos on clients and offer them B2B solutions, then it is important to focus more on the solutions than the art design. On the other hand, if you are trying to focus on attracting customers that might be using competitor brands, then you should make that focus clear by creating content that could draw them in.

Essentially, you want a video production plan that creates a video appropriate for how you plan to use it. Whether it is for clients or customer bases, you need to think in terms of brands and the things you actually sell.

Video Production Behaviour

You are the clients of the animation team, whether they are making motion graphics or a hand-drawn animated sequence. They are there to satisfy the needs of their clients, but they also want clients that work with them, not against them. If you upset a major United Kingdom studio by demanding things that they can’t do for their clients, then that can set a chain of problems in motion.

You are the clients, so you always have a say in what they make, but you need to avoid being one of their bad clients. Whether it’s a United Kingdom company or one from overseas, you should listen to the experts if a problem comes up, especially if you have no animation experience yourself.

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